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 SISU Guesthouse, an 18-storey building, built in 2000 and refurnished in 2011, is located on Hongkou Campus, just opposite to the SISU Gymnasium which is equipped with a swimming pool, a fitness center, a billiard table and indoor volleyball/basketball/badminton court. Inside there is a cafeteria, a grocery, a beauty parlor and an ATM. Both double rooms and single rooms are available. Each room is equipped with central air-conditioning, a private bathroom (tub bath/shower), a telephone, a TV set, internet access, etc. There’s a communal use kitchen on each floor, with a washing machine, a fridge and a microwave oven. Type A rooms are located on 4-13 floors and type B on 14-18 floors.
     For semester-long programs: a
type A double room costs 75-88 RMB /person/day and type B 95-103 RMB /person/day; a type A single room is 130-138 RMB/day and type B 165-173 RMB/day.
For short-term (less than 4 months) programs: type A double room costs 85RMB per person per day and type B 95RMB per person per day; a type A single room is 135RMB per day and type B 165RMB per day.
The accommodation fees of the above university dormitories are paid by semester and will not be refunded if you leave during the semester.


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