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Programme and Application Annual Review


The Measures of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) 
On the Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status
In the spirit of the document (2000) 29 of the Ministry of Education of China (MOEC), and  in accordance with our university’s regulations on teaching and studentship management, the Measures of the Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status are formulated, with a view to bringing the benefits and effects of Chinese Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as “Scholarship”) into full play, better implementing the encouraging mechanism of the scholarship, fostering talents with good academic record and merits and further promoting their awareness of being diligent, law-abiding and friendly. 

1.Scholarship students who have been studying in China for more than one academic year or who apply for the extension of scholarship upon the termination of planned study period should go through the Annual Review.

2.Criteria for the Annual Review:
2.⒈Scholarship students shall get “pass” in their Annual Review on condition that they endeavor to accomplish all the academic tasks, follow the teaching programs arranged by the university within the framework of the curriculum as well as extracurricular activities, have regular school attendance, observe ask-for-leave procedures, abide by university rules and regulations, show friendliness to China, score excellent achievements and are in good health.
2.⒉Scholarship students shall get “fail” in their Annual Review and thus their status of Chinese Government Scholarship shall be suspended for one year in any of the following cases:
⑴Those who fail in one third of academic records in language and major-related optional courses or whose average grades in compulsory courses are below “good”.
⑵Those who are always late for class or often take early leave from class with no self-correction after being warned or who play truant for up to 40 periods in one semester.
⑶Those who are absent from exams without any persuasive reasons.
⑷Those who violate the Chinese laws and decrees and get “warning” or even more serious punishment(s) from law enforcement departments.
⑸Those who show hostility to China.
⑹Those who seriously violate the university’s rules and regulations or who show no repentance after being reprimanded.
⑺Those who have been kept in school but placed under surveillance.
Scholarship students whose scholarship status has been suspended will have their scholarships ceased from the following academic year. However, they may apply for continuing their studies as self-financed students at the university. Before the end of the suspension period, they can apply to go through Annual Review of that year. If they pass the Annual Review, their scholarship status shall be resumed with the approval of China Scholarship Council (CSC) and they can renew their scholarship from the following academic year.
2.⒊The Chinese Government Scholarship Status shall be terminated in any of the following cases:
a.Those who are compelled to flunk out or expelled from the university.
b.Those who get “fail” twice in the Annual Review during the study period.
c.Those who escape the Annual Review without any valid reasons.
Those who have their scholarship terminated will not enjoy the scholarship from the day of proclamation and cannot renew their scholarships any more.

3.Procedures for the Annual Review:
3.1.Scholarship students shall fill out truly and correctly “the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship” (hereinafter referred to as “the Form”) available at the university administration department and submit the Form to the Office of International Student Affairs before each May 15th. The Office of International Student Affairs of SISU, in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Annual Review, conducts the review decisions, fills out the assessments as well as suggestions on the Form and submit the review report to China Scholarship Council before each June 10th.
3.2.The Annual Review decisions approved by China Scholarship Council shall be notified to the scholarship students in person via SISU.
3.3.The Office of International Student Affairs of SISU reserves the right to interpret the Measures.

Office of International Student Affairs
Shanghai International Studies University
May, 2000

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