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Programme and Application Annual Review



In order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people from the whole world, and to develop cooperation and exchange in fields of education, science, culture, economy and trade between China and other countries, Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship schemes to sponsor international students and scholars to undertake studies and research in Chinese institutions of higher education.
The Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter referred to as MOEC) is responsible for the provision of Chinese government scholarships, and it entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) to administer the recruitment of international students and the routine management of Chinese Government Scholarship Programmes.
SISU is one of the earliest universities in China receiving overseas students under China Government Scholarship Programs. We welcome outstanding students, scholars and teachers from all countries coming to study or undertake research in institutions of higher education in SISU.

Chinese Government Scholarship Programme and Application
1. Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme
It was established by MOEC in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between Chinese government and governments of other countries, education organs, institutions and relevant international organizations to provide both full scholarships and partial scholarships to international students and scholars. The scheme supports students who come to study in China as undergraduates, postgraduates, Chinese language students, general scholars and senior scholars. Applicants may apply for the scholarship through the competent authorities, appointed institutions or the Chinese diplomatic missions in their home countries.
2 .CHINA/UNESCO ¨C the Great Wall Fellowship Scheme
This is a full scholarship scheme set up by the MOEC for candidates recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Scholarships for general scholar and senior scholar are eligible. Applicants may apply to the UNESCO National Committee in the applicant’s home country.
3. Distinguished International Students Scholarship Scheme
It is a full scholarship scheme established by the MOEC to sponsor outstanding international students who have finished their Bachelor’s or Master’s education in China and have been enrolled by designated Chinese institutions as Master’s or Doctoral candidates or are now carrying out their Master’s or Doctoral studies in those institutions. Applicants may apply to CSC for the scholarship through recommendation of their host institutions.
4. Chinese Culture Research Fellowship Scheme
The scheme was established by the MOEC to sponsor overseas scholars and specialists of Chinese culture to conduct short-term research in China. Applicants may apply to CSC through the recommendation of relevant Chinese institutions of higher education, authorities or the Chinese diplomatic missions in their home countries or directly to CSC.
5. Short-term Scholarship Scheme for Foreign Teachers of Chinese Language
It was established by the MOEC to sponsor international students of Chinese language to do short-term training and research in China. Applicants may apply to CSC through the Chinese diplomatic missions in their home countries or directly to CSC.
Details of the Chinese Government Scholarships
1. Chinese Government Scholarship is divided into full scholarship and partial scholarship.
1) Full scholarship:
- Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials and accommodation;
- Living allowance and a one-off settlement subsidy;
- Fee for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China;
- A hard-seat train ticket between the port of entry on registration or the port of departure on graduation and the city where the host university or the university of Chinese language studies is located (a hard-berth train ticket for over-night trip).
2) Partial scholarship: One or some items of the full scholarship (one-off settlement subsidy and one-off inter-city travel allowance not included).
3) International travel expenses: Applicants are expected to meet their own international travel expenses unless it is set otherwise in bilateral agreements or arrangements.
For more information about the above scholarships, please refer Application Procedures.

Application for Chinese Government Scholarships
1. Application and Recruitment
The application season for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program is from January to April. Details on the application procedures should be consulted directly to the dispatching organization in the applicant’s home country.
2. Scholarship Application
Applicants should meet the basic qualifications prescribed in the Application Procedures, and must fill in the application forms strictly in accordance with requirements. They also need to provide relevant application materials including notarized photocopies of diplomas, transcripts, study plan, health certificate and recommendation letters. Application materials for scholarships must reach CSC before the deadline as specified in Application Procedures via the embassy in China or the Chinese diplomatic missions in the applicant’s home country. Application materials arrived after the deadline will not be processed. Please check the attached Application Procedures for details.
Application materials will not be returned regardless of the result of application. Documents such as original diplomas and original Foreign Physical Examination Form must NOT be sent as application materials.

Recruitment of Scholarship Students
1. CSC will review all the application materials sent by the appointed authorities. CSC is authorized to make necessary adjustments on the proposed institutions, specialties and duration of the applicant’s study in China. The application will not be processed if it is inconsistent with the recruitment requirements or the application materials are incomplete. Qualified applications will be forwarded to the institutions and the final decision whether to admit the applicants or not will be made by them.
2. If the applicant has been accepted by an institution (115 institutions specified by MOEC listed in the Directory) prior to application, the applicant is required to enclose the relevant admission letters.
3. Scholarship applicants accepted by Chinese institutions of higher education will be officially awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship with endorsement from the MOEC.
4. CSC will send the List of Accepted Students, Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study In China (JW201)to the relevant dispatching authorities by July 31, so as to have the documents forwarded to the students.

Visa Application and Registration in China
1. Visa Application
Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program should apply for visa to study in China at the Chinese embassy or consulate-general with the original documents and one set of photocopies of the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study In China (JW201) and Foreigner Physical Examination Form and valid ordinary passport. Those whose study period in China is above 6 month needs to apply for X visa, and those who shall stay in China for less than 6 months (including 6 months) should apply for F visa. The scholarship students must enter China with the original copies of the above documents. Whoever comes to China with other types of passports, visas or without the original documents will not be able to register with the institution, nor will they be able to apply for residence permit in China.
2. Registration
International students must register with the institution at the time specified in the Admission Notice. Those who are unable to register on time must seek permission from the institution directly. Those who fail to register without the prior consent of the institution will be considered as voluntarily giving up the enrollment and the scholarship will automatically be withdrawn.
3. Health Verification and Residence Registration
Health verification: Scholarship holders who are to stay in China for more than 6 months are requested to bring their passports, Admission Notice, and the original copies of Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the Blood Test Report to the local quarantine office within the set time to have their medical examination verified. International students whose Foreigner Physical Examination Form do not meet the requirement will have to re-take medical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the medical examination or are diagnosed as suffering from diseases that are not permitted to enter China under the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China. The costs of medical examination and the international travel should be born by themselves.
Residence registration: After the health verification, the scholarship holders must apply for residence permit to the local police authority within 30 days on their arrival with their passports, Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study In China (JW201).

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