1. Academic Target and Goals

The Intensive Chinese Language Program is specially designed for the international students who are going to study undergraduate programs in China, and those who want to improve their Chinese proficiency in short period. This program aims to help international students construct their own Chinese language system, make use of Chinese language during daily communication and discussion by focusing on the teaching of Chinese vocabulary and grammar. After completing one-year course of the program, the student’s Chinese proficiency is expected to meet the requirements of entering an undergraduate program in China and reach New HSK level 5.

Training Courses:

1) Basic Chinese Language Courses:

Comprehensive Chinese (grammar, conversation, Chinese characters), Chinese Listening Comprehension, Chinese Reading and Chinese Conversation.

2) HSK Intensive Training Courses:

Intensive training in the aspects of Chinese listening, grammar, reading and comprehensive Chinese.

This course falls into three levels, including beginner, elementary and intermediate level(classes will be open with more than 10 students).

1) Students who don’t have any knowledge of Chinese should enter a beginner class.

2) Students who have New HSK Level 2 certificate or have one semester’s full-time Chinese training in any Chinese university should enter an elementary level class.

3) Students who have New HSK Level 3 certificate or have one year’s full-time Chinese training in any Chinese university should enter an intermediate level class.


2. Application Deadline and Study Period

Application deadline:

Spring semester is December 31; Autumn semester is June 30

Registration date:

Spring semester is from February 25 to 26; Autumn semester is from August 28to 30.

Study period:

Spring semester is from March 4, 2019 to June 28, 2019; certificates can be claimed on June 30, 2019.

Autumn semester is from September 9, 2019 to January 3, 2020; certificates can be claimed on January 5, 2020.

There’re 36 teaching hours per week (1 teaching hour equals to 45 minutes).

3. Eligibility

Applications are open to foreign citizens with reliable financial support and stability who are senior-high-school graduates with an age between 18 and 50 (16 and 60 for short term transfer students) and in good health.

4. Application Documents and Procedures:

Application Documents:

1) SISU Application Form (Non-Degree Programs).

2) Photocopy of diploma.

3) Photocopy of passport.

4) 2passport photos (5cm * 4cm).

5) Application fee: 450 RMB (or overseas transfer of 75 USD).


1) Fill in the application form online, download and print the form and sign your name. (http://www.oisa.shisu.edu.cn)

2) Submit all the application documents to Office of International Student Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University. (Address: Room 202, Teaching Building 2, 550 West Dalian Road, Shanghai 200083, P. R. China)

★ Application fee is non-refundable, submitted documents are also not retrievable.

★ Please be advised not to enclose any cash in your mail.

5. Tuition and Fees


Tuition Fee

Application Fee


One Semester




One Academic Year




Tuition fees include teaching material fees. Tuition fee and application fee are non-refundable.