Contact Person Telephone Email Responsible for  
Mr. Lyu, Lin 35372963 Admission of Japan students and bachelors of Songjiang Campus
Ms. Wang, Jun-jie 35375612  Admission of Africa, Middle East and Oceania students
Ms. Yang, Liu-Dai 35375823 Admission of DPRK, Korea & North America students
Ms. Li, Dai-Xuan 35375693 Admission of Russia, Central Asia, Baltic States, and Mongolia students
Ms. Zhang, Wen-Ting 35375303 Admission of South Asia and Southeast Asia students
MS. Zheng Kai 35376809  Admission of Europe and Latin American countries students
Mr. Chen, Kai-Yong 35372961 Integrated Administration
Mr. Chen, Tian 67703076 International Students Advisor
Ms.Yu, Administration
Ms. Zhang, Xin-Yu 35375751 Integrated Administration
Mr. Zhou, Bo 35375652 Integrated Administration