People | Zhou Yu: SISU, A Place Where Translation Dreams Begins

  • 2018-04-04


After a year and a half of study, Zhou Yu, who enrolled in 2016, has made clear his way forward. The student of the Master of Interpreting in Chinese-Arabic shared his own story - from the family's initial lack of understanding to their later support, from the inadaption of the Chinese cuisine to the love of spicy food, and how he pursues his dream with the help of the teachers and classmates.


Was SISU your first choice when you decided to study abroad?


Definitely. Because I know the major of Interpretation at SISU is the best in China. When I was studying Chinese and English in the College of Liberal Arts, Khartoum University, my Chinese teacher told me SISU is the academic palace to train the professional interpreters and translators. Fortunately, I was awarded with scholarship and accepted to join the “The Joint Training Program for Chinese-Arabic Translators” for one year. There is no reason not to choose SISU.


Why did you choose to further your study at SISU for your master degree?


I felt my translation level has not reach the proficiency I expected after one-year study. The position I would like to work for in the future requires high Chinese-Arabic proficiency, so I decided to continue my study here to improve my professional level. Besides, my father always encourages me to learn without any restriction and do what I really want to do. Actually, my family thought it was a crazy idea for me to learn Chinese at the beginning and then they changed their opinion when they fully understood my determination. Now, all my family members are supportive of my dream and me.


What impressed you the most during your study here?


Teacher Wang Youyong is the person who impressed me the most. First, he speaks perfect Arabic. As a native speaker, I feel my Arabic is not as good as his. Second, Wang Laoshi’s class is interactive. I have learned Chinese idioms and poems joyfully.

There are two unforgettable things. One is doing the group study with my Chinese partner in the library. Our foreign teacher suggested us to find a “language buddy” at the beginning of this semester, so 4 Chinese students and 4 Arabic native speakers were paired up in our class. We help each other and improve our language together.

Another thing is doing an internship in the Office of International Student Affairs. Although the teachers in OISA are busy, they still answer my questions patiently and tell me how to work more effectively.


Do you have any plan after graduation?


I plan to work for Sudan Foreign Ministry. We do not have Chinese-Arabic interpreter in Sudan Foreign Ministry so far. The interpreter are always Chinese in the big diplomatic activities between Sudan and China. Last Spring, all the students in our program were invited to meet with the Chinese-Arabic Translation Group in Beijing. We also observed how the interpreters did the conference interpretation. All the interpreters are very professional and they know how to cooperate with each other. I would like to be a professional interpreter in the future just like them.


What advice would you like to give students considering studying in SISU?


To the students who would like to apply for my major, I would like to say it is not enough to learn Chinese well. It is also important to learn your mother tongue well. If you do not have good knowledge of your native language, you will not be able to be a qualified interpreter. In the aspect of life, you need to be prepared to different weathers and cuisines. I also highly recommend you to make as many Chinese friends as possible. They will be very helpful.


Zhou Yu's favorite Chinese proverb is "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". He is an excellent role model in carrying out this idea.

SISU is the place where he starts his interpretation journey. Zhou Yu will try his best to realize his professional ambition no matter what difficulty he will face in the future.



 "رحلة إحتراف الترجمة تبدأ من جامعة شنغهاي للدراسات الدولية، وسأواصل بذل الجهود لتحقيق حلمي"


حوار مع: محمد صلاح الدين (تشو يو)

حررته الأستاذة: لي يا منغ

بدخوله عام 2016 إلى جامعة شنغهاي للدراسات الدولية وبعد عام ونصف  من الدراسة، حدد السوداني محمد صلاح الدين محمد أحمد (تشو يو) بكل وضوح إتجاه رحلة المستقبل. يشاركنا الطالب في تخصص الترجمة الصينية العربية قصته الشخصية، وذلك منذ البدايات عندما لم تفهم عائلته لماذا اختار هذا التخصص وصولاً إلى