Entry visa

International students can apply for visa at any Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Documents required for registration include a valid passport, original document of Admission Notice and Visa Application to study in China form (JW201/JW202). When retrieving your passport and entry visa from the Embassy or Consulate, please make sure they return the originals of the Admission Notice and Visa Application to study in China JW201/JW202. These documents are to be handed to Public Security Bureau when applying for a residence permit in China.


1 ) 1 ) Students who study in China more than 6 months should hold an X1 visa for entering China. X1 visa is valid for 30 days. X1 visa holders shall apply for a residence permit within 30 days on arrival to ensure their stay in China.

2)According to Chinese laws and regulations, visa-free entry cannot be changed into other types of visa within Chinese territory. Please apply for X1/X2/L visas.

3)International students must register at the time specified in on the Admission Notice. If an earlier entering is needed, it is advised that it should not be earlier than 2 weeks before the register date given in the Admission Notice, because you can apply for a residence permit only after you have registered at school.

Please visit China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website for more information about Chinese Embassies and Consulates in your country:http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/

School dormitory

*Students can check in at school dormitory 3 days before the registration day.

*The front desk in SISU Guesthouse, SISU Hotel and Jinjiang Inn is on duty 24 hours , so you can check in even if you arrive late at night.

  • SISU Guesthouse
    address: Hongkou district, 189 West Tiyuhui Road
    tel: 021-35054500
  • SISU Hotel
    address: Hongkou district, 555 Chifeng Road
    tel: 021-65318882
  • Jinjiang Inn
    address: Hongkou district, 718 West Jiangwan road
    tel: 021-65163286
  • Dormitory in Songjiang Campus
    address: Songjiang district, 1550 Wenxiang road
Off-campus housing

*Students who wish to rent a room on their own can make inquires on rental information to local real-estate agencies.

Registration Documents

* Listed below are documents and materials needed for registration:

  • valid passport and visa
  • original document of Admission Notice
  • original document of visa application for students in China (JW201/JW202)
  • tuition (tuition is paid cash or using a Union Pay deposit card)
  • physical examination record and blood test reports(originals in English, if available)
Tips for living in China

1)We recommend you bring only most important belongings and pack light. You can purchase any other daily living products from local shops.

2)We recommend you bring only most important belongings and pack light. You can purchase any other daily living products from local shops.

3) We strongly recommend that you bring posters, photographs, souvenirs or other reminders of your country. These souvenirs will make you feel at home, even if you are far away, will also minimize the impact of encountering a new culture and make it easier for you to adapt in a different country.

How to get to SISU
  • Taking No.4 shuttle bus is goog option(Route Hongkou Football Stadium).it cost 22 RMB/person.Operation schedule:http://www.shanghaiairport.com/cn/dmgjIT/index_53181.html

  • When arriving to Pudong airport, you can take subway line 2 to get to People's Square station, then transfer to line 8 to Hongkou Football Stadium station. Students who need to get to SISU hotel can get off at subway line 3 Chifeng station.Official website of Shanghai metro:http://service.shmetro.com/

  • The most convenient way to reach school from the airport is by taxi. It costs around 180 RMB and it takes 50 minutes to get there. When getting off, please do not forget to ask the cab taxi driver for invoice and to remember the car's license plate number.

*Information about airport pick up bus


1. Students can check in to school dormitory 3 days before the registration date

2. International students can live off-campus only after they have completed the procedures to live off-campus and have been approved by their guardian and the Office of International Students Affairs.

3. Students living in SISU Guesthouse and SISU Hotel can apply directly at the front desk for a "Temporary Registration Form". Students living in Dormitory in Songjiang campus should go to Police station (Wenhui Rd. 560) to get "Temporary Registration Form".

4. tudents living outside off the campus must show up to the Foreign Students Department and fill out an "Off-campus housing registration form" and get an introduction letter. With the Introduction letter, passport and Lease Contract or Property Ownership Certificate register at the local police station receive a Registration Form of Temporary Residence. Please keep this form safely.

*According to regulations, foreign students must register at the local police within 24 hours after they have settled in. There is a fine of 100 RMB for each day which exceeds the date limit, highest fine imposed by local police can reach 1000 RMB.

Medical Insurance

Chinese Government, Confiucius Institute (not including the 4-week scholarship) and Shanghai Government scholarship students receive free medical insurance on the day and place of enrolment.

Scholarship students should use "plan II" for a medical insurance. Please register on International students’ medical insurance website to check for more information (http://www.lxbx.net).


1)Degree freshmen must pay at least one academic year of tuition at the time of registration. Language students must pay at least one semester of tuition.

2)Payment can be made in cash using RMB or a Union Pay Deposit card.

3)International students must enroll at the time specified in the Admission Notice.

Time Schedule
On the day of enrolment Present passport, entry visa, admission notice and JW201/JW202 form
On the day of enrolment Take pictures
On the day of enrolment Present medical insurance and valid proof or purchase one on the spot
On the day of enrolment Pay tuition
On the day of enrolment Receive student card and schedule
Within 1-2 weeks Welcoming activity for new students
Within 1-2 weeks Apply for campus card
Within 1-2 weeks Attend level placement examination
Within 1-2 weeks Physical examination, apply for residence permit
Within 1-2 weeks Register to school
Physical examination

Students with X1 visa are required to change the visa to a residence permit and asked to do a physical examination. Students may perform the physical examination in their home country or on their arrival in China in designated locations.

Students performing physical examination outside China must bring original report of examination along with test results to the local quarantine office to have their medical examination verified. If examination meets all requirements, the quarantine office will issue a proof of physical examination records. If examination does not meet all requirements, you will be asked to complete health check or retake it, after which the local quarantine office will issue a proof of physical examination records.

Students who choose to perform physical examination in Shanghai can wait for school's office to make arrangements for physical examinations.

*All details about physical examination reports and schedules will be announced by Office of International Student Affairs.

If you are unable to perform medical examinations arranged by the school in time, you may register onhttp://sithc.shciq.gov.cn/and book an appointment

1)Online booking

  • 1

    Register onhttp://sithc.shciq.gov.cn/,then click on top of first page "physical examination and appointment" and login. Unregistered users should first register and pay attention to "identification number", it which has to be the same as the one you will bring at the examination center, otherwise you will not be able to check for the results online;

  • 2

    Enter username and passport to login;

  • 3

    On the left of main page reservation area click "appointments online";

  • 4

    First step of appointment interface, choose the date of your appointment from the drop-down menu;

  • 5

    Second step, check the availability of the date you have chosen and select the time period which shows the number of appointments available;

  • 6

    Third step, fill in with your complete name on "contact"; fill in "telephone number", "address"; after you have completed, click submit;

  • 7

    By clicking on Appointments Record, you can change you can change your information and check your reservation number. If the information is incorrect or missing, you can click "delete" and agree to delete. You can also view and download the Physical Examination Form, by doing this you will save time of filling it out at the medical center. You may also click on the main page's Legal Assessment to read about medical examinations, timetable, necessary documents, etc;

  • 8

    After completing the appointment application, please click "logout";

2)Please bring the following documents for the medical examination at Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center (Shanghai, 15 Jinbang road, subway line 10, Shanghai Zoo station)

  • 1. Valid passport and a photocopy;
  • 2. Physical examination form and original blood test reports;
  • 3. Student ID or Admission Notice and a photocopy;
  • 4. two-inch passport photos 3;
  • 5. 600 RMB (in case needed)


1. Medical examination must be made on an empty stomach.

2. You must make an appointment for medical examinationhttp://sithc.shciq.gov.cn/.

Campus Card

The campus card can be used at the school's library and cafeteria.

Students who wish to apply for a campus card can go to building no.1, office 109 with their passport and student ID card. It costs 20 RMB.

working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30, 14:00-16:30



To ensure your scholarship status, you MUST check in and sign up every semester (usually at the beginning of March and September) at the Office of International Student Affairs in Hongkou Campus or Public Affairs Center in Songjiang Campus.


Monthly allowances are to be paid by wire transfer or POS credit. So it is essential that an ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) debit card issued in Shanghai be prepared beforehand. Student should send passport name, student ID number and bank card number should be sent by email to 1478319625@qq.com within FIVE DAYS from the registration date.


1) To get the allowances in time, students on Hongkou Campus need to confirm the account information and sign it at OISA (room 203 of building 2) before 15th of each month.

2)Students on Songjiang Campus should sign up at OISA of Hongkou Campus or Public Affairs Center of Songjiang Campus on first or second Wednesday of each month (12:00-15:00).

3) Usually you can get the allowances on 20th – 22nd of the month.

4) Fail to sign in time and you would not get the allowance for the month. But you can apply for a make-up pay by submitting a request letter to OISA before 15th of the following month.

5) Students don’t need to sign during summer and winter vacation. The allowances for January & February are to be paid in the first week of January, while those for July & August in the first week of July.

NOTE: Scholarship students who have been studying in China for more than one academic year or who apply for the extension of scholarship upon the termination of planned study period MUST go through the Annual Review in order to ensure their scholarships in the following academic year.