2023 SISU CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP (Type B) “ High-level Postgraduate” Program

  • 2022-11-09

The Chinese Government Scholarship (Type B) "High-level Postgraduate" Program (hereinafter referred to as "High-level Program") adopts the principle of "individual application, university recommendation, expert evaluation and merit-based admission". Select international students with excellent academic background, professional ability and future development potential.



1. Supporting Category: Type B only supports master’s students or doctoral students.

2. Length of Scholarship: The scholarship covers major study as specified in the Admission Letter. Studies begin in SEPTEMBER 2023.

3. Instruction Language: Scholarship students can register for either Chinese-taught program or English-taught program if applicable.



Please refer to Introduction to CGC—Coverage and Standard for details of each item: http://www.campuschina.org/



Apply to the OISA (hereinafter referred to as "OISA") before 24:00 on February 5, 2023, Beijing time (subject to the successful submission of applications in the " Online Application System for International Students to SISU ").



1. Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health.

2. The requirements for applicants’ degree and age are that applicants must be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for the master’s programs; be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for the doctoral programs.

3. Language Proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate a good command of Chinese or English. HSK level 5 (a total of no less than 180) or above is required when applying for Chinese-taught mater’s or doctoral programs; IELTS test score of at least 6.0 is required when applying for English-taught mater’s or doctoral programs.

Reminder: It is necessary to meet the other requirements of Regulations for the Enrollment of Students by SISU.


V AVAILABLE MAJORS FOR APPLYING (Annex 1, view in Annex Pack)



1. Register and log in to the “Online Application System for International Students to SISU” (http://apply.shisu.edu.cn/c.asp?action=student_sign ), fill in the information, and submit the application.



1. SISU reviews the application documents online, organizes the entrance examinations and nominates the candidates. Nominated candidates who passed the expert review of the CSC will eventually be admitted as scholarship student.

2. The postgraduate entrance examination (written test and interview) is uniformly organized by the Graduate School of SISU from February 13 to February 28, 2023. (Note: applicants should pay attention to the examination notice email. Absence from the examination is regarded as abandoning the application.)

3. Only applicants who have passed the postgraduate entrance examination are eligible for the evaluation of scholarship candidates for the "High-level Program". The recommended candidates are selected by the Scholarship Review Committee of the Program and announced on the website of OISA.

4. Recommended candidates will be provided with a Pre-admission Letter, and will be instructed to fill in and submit scholarship applications for the program online.



1. Copy of Passport Home Page. If the validity of the applicant’s current passport does not meet the requirement (meaning the passport expires before September 2023), please apply for a new passport before submitting the application.

2. Notarized Highest Diploma.  Prospective diploma winners must submit official document proof of student status by their current school. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

3. Academic Transcripts (from the undergraduate program onwards). Copies of academic records from first to last semester during the undergraduate, graduate (if any), and doctoral programs (if any) shall be provided. These transcripts shall be issued and sealed by the attending university’s academic affairs office, graduate school, or student management department. They can be in Chinese or English, but must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations if they are in foreign languages other than English.

4. Language Qualification Certificates. Applicants for Chinese-taught programs must submit valid HSK reports in accordance with the corresponding Chinese proficiency requirements. Applicants for other language-taught programs shall provide relevant language proficiency certificates according to the universities’ requirements.

5. The supervisor-issued invitation letter. (Annex 2, only doctoral student needs to provide, view in Annex Pack) The invitation letter shall contain the following information (in Chinese or English):

a. Applicant information: full name, nationality, date of birth, name of the university last attended, and others;

b. Academic status in China: doctoral student;

c. Projected time of staying in China. The study timeline shall be made clear, and the time of enrollment shall be no earlier than September 2023;

d. Information of the applicant’s Chinese supervisor (if any);

e. Descriptions of the applicant’s studies or research in China;

f. Language taught in courses (Chinese or English);

g. The supervisor-issued invitation letter shall be signed.

6. A Study Plan Proposal. A study plan written in Chinese or English shall contain more than 1,000 characters or words. The proposal of a doctoral student shall be signed by the applicant’s Chinese supervisor.

7. Recommendation Letters. Two letters of recommendation (written only in Chinese or English) from professor of associate professors shall be submitted. There letters shall describe the applicant’s objectives of learning in China, comprehensive abilities, and evaluation of future growth, as well as the cooperation between the supervisors or the exchange between universities both in China and abroad.

8. Foreigner Physical Examination Form. (Annex 3, view in Annex Pack) The physical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered as invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months.

9. Notarized Non-Criminal Record Report. The applicant shall submit a valid certificate of Non-Criminal Record issued by the local public security authority, usually issued within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

10. Digital ID Photo (on white background).

11. Offline Remittance Voucher of the Application Fee (or pay it directly in the application system).

Reminder: Uploaded supporting documents must be clear, authentic and valid. Applicants are recommended to use a professional device to scan the relevant documents. Applicants shall bear the consequences caused by unclear or unidentifiable uploaded materials.



Pay application fee online: 800RMB (or overseas transfer of 130USD, upload payment voucher). 

Bank Remittance:

Beneficiary Name:

Shanghai International Studies University

A/C No.:

International: 1001274409026402334

Domestic: 9558851001005721887


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Shangwai Sub-Branch

Swift Code:


Bank Address:

566 West Dalian Road, Shanghai, P. R. China


Please indicate the applicants number in the remittance details. Accepted or not, application fee is non-refundable.



1. Each scholarship recipient will be granted no more than one scholarship (excluding all kinds of one-time rewards), once found, the qualification of the Chinese government scholarship will be cancelled and the Chinese government scholarship will be refunded.

2. Scholarship recipients shall not change their host university, field of study, or duration of study unless they give up the grant.

3. To ensure that the school is in constant contact with the applicant, please provide a valid email address in the application form.

4. All application documents must have original documents in preparation for admission inspection. Scholarship and admission qualification will be revoked for those who provide false documents.

(Annex Pack)