Notification for Online courses of FALL 2020 (Undergraduate program on Hongkou Campus)

  • 2020-07-15

Notification for Online courses of September 2020 in the School of Chinese Studies and Exchange in SISU

(Undergraduate program on Hongkou Campus)

Dear students,

Welcome to SISU!

Due to the impact of COVID-19 worldwide, China’s Visa policy is under strict control. We feel deeply regret to inform you that face-to-face teaching in our university can still not to be resumed in September 2020.

Online courses, regarded as a part of the formal undergraduate program, will be offered according to the teaching plan since September 7. The class hours, grades and credits of online courses will be indicated in your graduation transcript. Your status of enrolment will be reported to the Ministry of Education if you confirm and register to take part in our online courses since September. Once the Visa policy is resumed, you are able to come to SISU to continue your study.

If you confirm to take part in our online courses, please transfer the tuition fee to the university bank account:

Domestic bank account:

收款人: 上海外国语大学

银行帐号(A/C): 1001274409026402334

开户银行: 中国工商银行上海市上外支行

银行地址: 中国上海市大连西路566号

International bank account:

Beneficiary Name: Shanghai International Studies University

A/C No.: 1001274409026402334

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Shangwai Sub-Branch


Bank Address: 566 West Dalian Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

Tuition fee:

Major Tuition fee (RMB) Tuition fee (USD)

Chinese Language

(Chinese-English bilingual, business oriented) 22,000/year 3,200/year

TCSOL 23,000/year 3,330/year

International Economics and Trade (Chinese) 23,000/year 3,330/year

Please note down your application number on the remittance details and send us the copy by email before August 22. When we receive your email, we will send you the detailed course arrangement.

After paying the tuition fee, anything related to withdraw and refund should be carried out in accordance with the regulation of Shanghai International Studies University. Any expenses incurred by the payment and refund should be borne by the student himself or herself.

For Refund regulation please click:

If you confirm to take part in our online courses and if you are currently in China holding X Visa or residence permit, please contact us after you pay the tuition fee, and we will help you to extend your Visa since August. If you are not in China, please kindly wait. Once the student Visa application is resumed, we will send you the admission letter and Visa application form by international express immediately.

If you don’t want to take part in the online courses, we will reserve your admission qualification for one year until September 2021. Please tell us your decision before August 22 by email. If you don’t contact us, your admission will be revoke.

The epidemic crisis is not over yet, and we hope you can pay attention to the health and security. Wish to see you soon on campus!

Office of International Student Affairs

Shanghai International Studies University

July 13, 2020