Shanghai International Studies University aims to maintain strong links with our alumni (former students), friends, and supporters. A cohesive network of people linked to the University, and to each other, is continually developing all around the world.

International Student Alumni Association of Shanghai International Studies University provides a platform to alumni for academic, social, and cultural interaction. Whether you are a recent graduate or an alumnus who has left SISU some years ago, we will help to keep you involved with the university.

SISU Alumni association and Office of International Student Affairs prepare to establish International Student Alumni Association in this year.

Whether you've just graduated or have been away from us for a while, this website will help to keep you involved with your university and your fellow alumni. Join us today to receive benefits of your own Alumni Association.You can fill the application form and send to the following email address:

Download: Application form of International Student Alumni Association SISU

For receiving more information about Alumni Association and its activities, please fill your detailed information.