Important Notice about the new semester opening

  • 2020-01-27

Dear students,


China is combating against new coronavirus infection all over the nation. Up to 11:00 am, January 27, 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China have activated top level response to public health emergencies. Prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection is the most critical mission at present.


In order to prevent and control the new coronavirus infection and protect the physical health and life safety of SISU teachers and students, decisions made by SISU are as follows:


1. The opening of spring semester of 2020 will be POSTPONED. All students, including bachelor / postgraduate students / international students / training students, please DO NOT RETURN to the university before February 20, 2020 (THU). Teaching, scientific research and practice activities, such as make-up examination, intern and social practice, will be POSTPONED. The new opening day & time and follow-up arrangement will be notified soon.


2. SISU will strengthen the research, judgment, prevention and control etc. of the situation according to the development of this emergency and the relevant work requirements of related department. It has also implemented the daily reporting of relevant information by all units. All teachers and students are requested to cooperate and report relevant situations in a timely manner.


3. Faculties and staff will work normally according to the school calendar without special circumstances. Those who have approaching history of Wuhan and other Hubei places within the past two weeks should not return to university for the time being. Please wait for further notice of SISU.


4. If there is any new situation, we will inform each student in time. Please visit our website and follow us on wechat, weibo, etc.




DAY: 67701234、35372868、35372217


NIGHT: 3641778421、18017589656、13901653338






1. DO NOT go to Hubei Province or any other areas with severe condition. Avoid crowded places. Cooperate actively to prevent and control new coronavirus infection.


2. Cautious about personal hygiene. Wear masks properly. Wash your hands and disinfect frequently. Keep your room well ventilated. Drink hot water. Have a light diet and keep physical exercise.


3. If you have a cough or fever, please go to the hospital in your area as soon as possible and report to Office International Student Affairs, dorm management staff or your college in time. If your friend in the same dormitory is sick, please cooperate actively with the investigation and isolation.






Supporting new coronavirus infection prevention and control is not only related to the safety and health of oneself, but also the social responsibility and obligation of individuals. We are grateful for your understanding and support.