Notice for new students: Online study and placement test

  • 2020-02-19

Dear new students,

Due to the development of the epidemic in China, the opening date of the Spring semester has been postponed, and when the semester starts is yet to be announced.

Before the new semester starts, we will provide students with free live Chinese lessons (with no additional charge), which will start from 2nd March. After the new semester starts, we will provide all the students with a complete Chinese course on site.

If you would like to take the online course, please get prepared as follows:

1. Placement test

Please refer to the following guide and take the online placement test as required before 12:00 am, 26th February (Beijing time).

Students who have no experience of learning Chinese are NOT required to take the placement test, but to send an email to before 12:00 am, 26th February (Beijing time) ,telling us your name, student number and the fact that you are a zero-beginner of Chinese language.

2. Website registration

Please register on the website before 12:00 am, 26th February (Beijing time). t titled “注册Register”

For steps of registration / placement test, please refer to the documentClick here to download