Safety instructions

1. Students must comply with the Chinese laws and regulations throughout their studying duration and any illegal act shall be imposed to administrative or criminal punishment (warning, fine, detention, departure, deportation, etc.)

2. Try to avoid going out at night, especially if you are going alone to bars or other entertainment place。

3. Traffic safety: Since China’s traffic rules allow motor vehicles to turn right on the red light, pedestrians should watch out for motor vehicles when crossing the street when the lights turn green. Do not ride an unlicensed motorcycle or moped and do not pass a red light。

4. Property safety: In order to avoid stealing while living in the dormitory, please lock the door, lock up your valuables and do not casually allow strangers or unfamiliar people from entering your room. When going out, take good care of your phone, wallet and other valuable personal belongings. If you have a back pack, make sure to carry it in front of you and not on your back。

5. Don’t get drunk and don’t get into fights. If you came across strangers fighting, make sure to advice your friends to stay away and don’t crowd around the scene。

6. If you don’t return home for the holidays make sure to frequently stay in touch with your family. If you go traveling far away from Shanghai, please inform your family or friends about your whereabouts。

7. Pay attention to the safety usage of electrical devices and gas. Whether a student lives in on-campus dormitory or out of campus, paying attention to fire and electricity use safety is a must. Students living off-campus shall take good care of well securing the kitchen (especially nearby the gas and water boiling device) and also make sure to ventilate well the bathroom. Students living in the dormitory shall not use electric kettles in the room, induction cookers or any other high high-power electrical devices. Any student shall be found using any of the prohibited electrical devices in the room; the dormitory management will temporarily keep the device in custody until the check-out day。

8. In case of a fire, call 119 immediately. Do not try to stop the fire by yourself, however, you shall take the necessary safety measures and evacuate the fire place as fast as possible。

9. If you come across a stranger who, for any possible reason, asks to borrow your phone or some money, ignore him and walk away. If any item was lost or stolen, please don’t hesitate to call 110. If you found a lost item that doesn’t belong to you, please hand it in to the police, do not deal with it on your own. Don’t easily give away your personal information (address, phone number). Don’t trust everything you receive on the internet or phone calls or SMS, in order to avoid being deceived or tricked。

Dormitory Regulations

1. 1.Students with admission notice and student card can check-in the dormitory, and they shall receive a room card in accordance with the room distribution assigned by the school。

2. Students shall be subject to the management, fully pay their accommodation fee on time, and save the payment receipt for possible inspection。

3. Students shall strictly abide by the management regulations of the dormitory; they shall stay in the room they were assigned and shall not, for any reason, refuse the stay of other students or force them to move out. It is strictly forbidden to change, lend and rent beds as it is strictly forbidden to stay in room of the opposite sex or allow visitors to stay in。

4. Students shall not freely adjust the facilities of the room and in case of losing or damaging any of the equipments in the room, the matter will be handled according to the “Regulations of Damage Compensation of Students’ Dormitory Furniture”。

5. Students shall abide by the civil code of ethics and the management system of the school. Smoking, abusing alcohol, gambling and such activities are prohibited in the dormitory. Students are also not allowed to use naked flames in the room. It is strictly forbidden to do business in the dormitory。

6. Students who have finished their studies can check-out at the front desk. The check-out procedure can’t be accomplished unless all accommodation fees, water fees, and damage compensation fees are settled。

7. Students shall clear out their personal things as soon as possible after checking – out. They have one week to move out, any left items will then be cleared away。

Language Students Regulations (Excerpt)

Ⅰ、Classroom discipline and attendance:

1、Students shall consciously comply with the classroom discipline; come to class on time, don’t be late, don’t leave early and don’t cut classes。

2、In case of sickness or the arouse of a matter that shall prevent the student from attending class, the request for leave procedure is as follow:

(1)Students on sickness leave, shall submit a sick leave certificate from the hospital to the class teacher, the teacher will then hand it to the office。

(2)Students who missed class for 3 days, shall submit the request of leave note to the class teacher, the teacher shall then sign it for approval and hand it to the office. In case of missing a class for more than 3 days, student shall request for leave at the office。

3、Students who didn’t go through the leave request formalities they are regarded as cutting class。

4、Students can miss a total of 120 periods in one semester, more periods and they shall be regarded as dropping out cases。

5、Students can be absent (including sickness, leave request, missing class) a total of 120 periods in one semester, or else they won’t be granted a graduation certificate。

6、A monthly attendance record will be published; students can check it by themselves. In case any discrepancies were found, student shall contact the class teacher at once, it will be corrected after the verification of the office。

7、Students’ holidays comply with the school’s holiday provisions。

Ⅱ、Examination and Score Records:

1、Students must follow the teaching plan of the various courses to be allowed to take the exam。

2、The total score of a certain course includes the usual marks and test scores. The class teacher manages the percentages of the usual marks and test scores in calculating the total score of a course during a semester in accordance with the requirements of the course。

3、Test scores are applied in percentage。

4、Students who didn’t take the examination shall have a zero on their final score。

5、Students who can’t take an examination due to illness or another reason, must contact the class teacher to request for postponing the test after providing a relevant proof, the class teacher will arrange the examination. The score of the postponed exam will be according to the actual exam score。

6、Cheating on the exam will lead to a zero on the student’s final score. The exam can’t be retaken。


1、The graduation certificate and transcript is granted to students who have passed Chinese comprehensive reading course in addition to other course, even if only one class was failed。

2、If a student fails the Chinese comprehensive reading course or more than one course, the student won’t be granted the graduation certificate, only a study certificate and transcripts can be granted。

3、The graduation certificate can’t be granted to students who for person reasons wish to finish the semester in advance. Student can only get the study certificate and transcripts。