Implementation Measures of Shanghai International Studies University Scholarship for Outstanding International Students

  • 2021-09-29

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 In order to further promote the development of the education of international students in our school, to help international students with excellent academic performance to complete their studies successfully, to encourage international students to study hard and enterprising, and to promote their all-round development, the Shanghai International Studies University Scholarship for Outstanding International Students has been established (Hereinafter referred to as "scholarship"), and formulate these measures.


Chapter II Scholarship Content

Article 2 Scholarship category, quota and amount

1. The first prize, 30,000 yuan/person/academic year, applicants are doctoral candidates, with 2 places.

2. The second prize, 20,000 yuan/person/academic year, applicants are doctoral, master and undergraduate students, with 15 places.

3. The third prize, 5,000 RMB/person/academic year, applicants are doctoral, master and undergraduate students, with 28 places.

4. The total annual amount of the scholarship is RMB 500,000, which can be changed at each level according to the applicant's situation in that year.


Chapter III Applicants

Article 3 The scholarship applicants are self-financed international students with excellent character and academic qualifications, including non-Chinese undergraduates, masters, doctoral students who have applied to our school and were admitted that year (hereinafter referred to as freshmen) and non-Chinese undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students who are already studying in our school (hereinafter referred to as current students).


Chapter IV Application Conditions

Article 4 Applicants must meet the following eight conditions at the same time

1. Non-Chinese nationality;

2. Comply with Chinese laws and regulations and school rules and regulations;

3. With correct learning attitude, hard work, no absenteeism record, and the department agrees to recommend;

4. Be honest and trustworthy, with good moral training;

5. Actively participate in various public welfare activities and social practice activities organized by the Shanghai area and schools;

6. Have not obtained any scholarship issued by governments, departments, and institutions at all levels in China at the same time;

7. No unfriendly words or behaviors towards China and the school;

8. The tuition fees for the academic year must be paid in full when applying, and registration must be completed.


Chapter V Application Materials, Time and Process

Article 5 Applicants need to prepare the following application materials

1. Shanghai International Studies University Scholarship Application Form for International Students

2. Transcripts for the previous semester if study period is less than one year at school; transcripts for the last two semesters if study period is more than one year at school (undergraduate students obtain from the Office of Academic Affairs, master and doctorate from the Graduate School).

Article 6 The application time is April each year, and the specific time is subject to the notice on the official website of the Office of International Student Affairs.

Article 7 The application and review process is as follows:

1. Students submit the application materials to the Office of International Student Affairs in Building 2 of Hongkou Campus.

2. The school sets up a scholarship review team. In accordance with the basic requirements of the scholarship application, a comprehensive evaluation method is adopted to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant based on the applicant's academic performance, attendance, comprehensive quality and other specific indicators.

3. The scholarship review team will publicize the review results throughout the school, and the publicity period will be no less than three working days.

4. Winners receive scholarships, which will be given out in one lump sum before the end of each spring semester.


Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

Article 8 The Office of International Student Affairs authorized by the school is responsible for the interpretation of these regulations.

Article 9 These regulations shall come into force on October 1, 2020.