• 2023-04-03

Shanghai International Studies University Outstanding International Student Scholarship can be applied now. Qualified students can submit the online application. The specific requirements are as follows:

1.  Qualifications:

Applicants must be degree students of SISU (doctor, master, undergraduate).


2.  Requirements:

(1) Applicants must be foreign students.

(2) Applicants must abide by the laws and rules of Chinese Government, observe university regulations.

(3) Applicants must have clear goals of study, be diligent and hard-working with no absenteeism record. The department applicants studying at should agree to recommend.

(4) Applicants must act with high integrity and morality.

(5) Applicants must have active participation in public activities and social practice organized by Shanghai local communities or SISU.

(6) Applicants must not have any other Chinese Government/Shanghai Government or school scholarships at the same time.

(7) Applicants must not have any unfriendly words or actions towards China or SISU.

(8) Applicants must have paid tuition fees for this academic year and have completed registration.


3.  Amount:

First prize (class A) : RMB 30000;

Second prize (class B) : RMB 20000;

Third prize (class C) : RMB 5000


4.      Application deadline

08:00 am, April 17th, 2023.


5.  Application materials.

(1) “the Review Form for Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship Applicants”(Click here to download

 Notice: Send it to the head teacher/supervisor/department head to fill in and sign. Students from school of Chinese studies and exchange don’t need to get the stamp of the school, other students should get the stamp of the school.

(2) Transcript Reports of 2022 spring & fall semester

Notice: Undergraduate students from school of Chinese studies and exchange don’t need to apply for the transcript, the academic office will provide it directly to OISA. New students starting from September 2022 only provide transcript of fall semester.


6.      Application procedure:

Fill in the online application, website:


7.      The final evaluation result shall be announced in June, 2023 at OISA website and study in SISU wechat official account.



Office of International Student Affairs,SISU