Ⅰ、Curriculum and Activities

1. Courses: Mainly Chinese courses including Listening Comprehension, Conversation and Reading.

2. Courses load:20 teaching hours per week, 4 teaching hours each morning (8:30-11:50), Monday through Friday. Also available are elective courses such as Chinese Economy and Culture, Chinese Calligraphy, Taijiquan (shadow boxing) and Chinese Wushu.

3.Activities:① Inner city tours are offered once a week (scenic spots, museums, acrobatics etc.);

② Weekend tours are available at students’ own expense.


Ⅱ、Schedule and Application Period

1. The summer program falls into three sessions between July 9 and August 31, 2018, Application Deadline June 1 2018:

First Session

Second Session

Third Session

Duration of Program

Registration Date

Duration of Program

Registration Date

Duration of Program

Registration Date

4 weeks(July 9 -August 3)

July 6

4 weeks(July 23-August 17)

July 20

4 weeks(August 6-August 31)

August 3

5 weeks(July 9 -August 10)

July 6

5 weeks(July 23-August 24)

July 20



6 weeks(July 9-August 17)

July 6

6 weeks(July 23-August 31)

July 20



7 weeks(July 9-August 24)

July 6





8 weeks(July 9-August 31)

July 6






2. For group registration please directly contact us at oisa@shisu.edu.cn or Telephone: 021-35372963.

Ⅲ、Application Qualifications

Applications are open to foreign citizens with reliable financial support and stability who are over 16 and under 60 years old and in good health.


Ⅳ、Application Materials

1.      A printed copy of SISU Application Form;

2.      2 passport photos (in size of 5cm * 4cm);

3.      Photocopy of passport;

4.      Application fee: 450 RMB (or overseas transfer of 75 USD).

Ⅴ、Application Materials

1.      Prepare Application Materials;

2.      Application Mode: Online application, On-site registration or mail registration;

1)Online Application:

a)Create an Account;

b) Fill the information and upload the application materials as required;

c)Online Payment Registration fee.

2)On-site Registration:

a)Submit documents to the Office of International Students affairs of Shanghai International Studies University (Room 202, Building No. 2, 550 West Dalian Road, Hongkou District) ;

b)Cash or Card Payment for Registration fee.

3)Mail Registration:

a)Pay the registration fee and examination fee by bank telegraphic transfer (T/T) or transfer (be sure to write the name of the student in the remarks):

Beneficiary Name:

Shanghai International Studies University





Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Shangwai Sub-Branch

Swift Code:


Bank Address:

566west Dalian Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

     b) Please send the application materials (including the registration fee and examination fee payment vouchers) by registered mail or express mail to:

     Office of International Student Affairs (OISA),Shanghai International Studies University, Room 202, Teaching Building 2,550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai, P. R. China

     Contact no:021-35372961,Zip code:200083

     Note:Please be advised not to enclose any cash in mail.

3.      After receiving the application, the school will examine the application materials. Pay attention to your Email wait for the school notice. If necessary, our school will require applicants to submit some additional materials. No matter whether accepted or not the above materials will not be returned.

4.     Once admitted, the school will issue an《Admission letter》、《Visa Application Form for Study in China》(JW202 form).

5.      Students having 《Admission letter》, 《Visa application Form for Study in China》(JW202 form)issued by our school can apply for X1 visa to study in China at the People's Republic of China Embassy and Consulate office.

Ⅵ、Tuition and Fees (in RMB)



Application Fee

3 Weeks



4 Weeks



5 Weeks



6 Weeks



7 Weeks



8 Weeks



★ Tuition and other fees are not refundable once paid.