Chinese Language Summer Program for 2021 (offline courses)

I.  Study period:

Four weeks to seven weeks, from Jul.12 to Aug.27,2021. Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 11:50

II.    Application qualification:

1.    Foreigners who live in Shanghai, holding X visa or Residence Permit.

2.    Age between 16 to 60 years old.

III.  Teaching mode:

Offline courses, meeting teacher face to face, with a minimum of 5 students in one class.

IV.  Admission requirement:

Level one: HSK 2-3

Level two: HSK 3-4

V.  Application deadline:

May.20, 2021 to Jun.22, 2021

VI. Tuition (RMB)


4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

Application fee (pay with tuition fee)

Tuition fee






VII.  Application procedure

1.     Fill in the application form online (

2.     If you are accepted, the university will send you admission letter (electronic version) and the health guarantee letter for you to come into the university.

3.     Before 14 days of your study period, you need to measure and record daily temperature.

4.     Send the screenshot of green Shanghai QR code, trip code and the health guarantee letter to before Jul. 8,2021.

5.     On the first day of your study period, please bring the admission letter, passport, health guarantee letter and green Shanghai QR code.

 VIII.  Contact information:

Contact Person



Responsible for

Mr. Lyu, Lin


Admission of Japan students

Ms. Yang, Liu-Dai


Admission of DPRK, Korea & North America students

Ms. Wang, Jun-Jie


Admission of Africa, Middle East and Oceania students

Ms. Li, Dai-Xuan

Admission of Russia, Central Asia, Baltic States, and Mongolia students

Ms. Zhang, Wen-Ting


Admission of South Asia and Southeast Asia students

Ms. Zheng, Kai


Admission of Europe and Latin american countries students