Notice on 2023 Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Annual Review

  • 2023-05-05


Dear Shanghai Government Scholarship students:



 According to the regulations and name list provided by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, you should take part in the annual review as Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship students.


Firstly, please read carefully the review methods and requirements published on the website, which is very important:  

——评审材料 Required Materials for SGS Annual Review——

1.    请下载并打印《奖学金年度评审表》(附件),认真完整填写相关内容(本人仅需填写第一页,第二页的“学生所在学院填写”部分请交由所在学院导师/辅导员/班主任填写)。

Please download the “Form for Annual Review of Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Status”(Attachment) and fill in the relevant contents carefully. (You only need to fill in the first page of “Filled by Student” part, and the "Filled by School" part on the second page should be filled in by the tutor/counselor/head teacher of your School).

2.    请提交2021/2022学年第二学期和2022/2023学年第一学期的成绩单。其中,一年级的学生只需要提交2022/2023学年第一学期的成绩单。

(PS: 国际文化交流学院本科专业的学生成绩单由学院统一提供,学生只需邮件提交《奖学金年度评审表》)

Please submit your “transcripts of second semester of 2021/2022 academic year” and “transcripts of first semester of 2022/2023 academic year”. First-year students only need to attach transcripts of first semester 2022/2023 academic year.

(PS: The School of Chinese Studies and Exchange will provide their undergraduate students' transcripts uniformly. Students only need to submit the Form for annual review by email.)

——注意事项 Important Notes——

1.    请在北京时间2023年5月21日24时之前将以上评审材料电子版邮件发送至,邮件主题为“个人学号+专业+SGS年度评审”(例如:0207409001中国学SGS年度评审)。

All the students are required to send the required materials for annual review via email to , before 24:00 on May 21, 2023, Beijing time. The subject of the email should be “Student ID No.+ major + SGS annual review”, for example: 0207409001 China Studies SGS annual review.


2.    年度评审对上海市政府奖学金留学生非常重要,评审合格方可继续享受下一年度的奖学金待遇。请务必认真对待,按时提交评审材料。

The annual review is very important for SGS scholarship students. Only passed the annual review, Shanghai Government will award next year’s scholarship to you. Please take it seriously and submit the review materials on time.


3.    过期不提交视为无故不参评,将被取消奖学金资格。

According to the regulation, students who do not submit the FORM and the TRANSCRIPTS after the expiration date, will be deemed not to participate in the annual review for no reason and will be deprived of the scholarship.