Campus Facilities

1. Student’s classrooms are mainly located in building 2, where the office of International Students Affairs occupies both rooms 202 and 203. The office of International Students Affairs is mainly responsible for students’ registration, extension of studying period, Visa applications and extensions, providing certificates and issuing students’ cards, in addition to other tasks. Rooms 418 and 419 are occupied by the Office of Academic Affairs which is responsible for the enrollment examination, curriculums, attendance statistics and inquiries, leave requests, deferring enrollments and dropping outs etc。

2. The cafeteria is located at the east gate of the campus with two floors. If you’re not enrolled or you forgot your campus card, you still can purchase food coupons at the first floor nearby window with 20% extra cost. You can also find student canteens at residence district (No. 411 East Tiyuhui road). The cost for one meal at the school’s canteen is 15 RMB approximately。

3. In addition to the campus canteen, you can find many other restaurants and convenience store around the campus. They are mainly located at both school’s gates the east and the west one. In addition to that, many others are also found in the Hongkou football stadium area and North Sichuan road where you have many delicious restaurants and other fast food restaurants. While enjoying your meals we shall ask of you to please pay attention to the food hygiene, stay away from eating at the roadside small stalls where food is not safe to eat。

4. Tap water in China is not suitable for immediate use; you shall heat the water until it boils before drinking it。

5. ccess to the library requires a campus card. In case of borrowing books, you shall need to leave a certain deposit. In order to benefit from this service, please consult the library employee at the first floor front desk。

6. The Fitness Center is the school’s outer business engagement center. The swimming pool is located at the first floor. The gym and ball games hall is on the 2nd floor. You need to pay for joining the fitness center. Long – term students can benefit from their student card to make a monthly membership card, yearly membership card or other discount cards。

7. The school has an on-campus medical clinic that provides basic clinical services. Nearby The North Hospital of Shanghai First People’s Hospital (No. 85 Wujin Road) is available for better medical services. In case of an emergency, dial 120 for a first aid ambulance service。

8. The sports field: When the field is not hired nor used for sports class, it is normally opened for all students. Students just need to bring along their student card。

Telecommunication, Websites and Postal Services

China currently has 3 telecom service providers: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Students can use their passport to buy a SIM card at the operator’s business shops. The websites of the 3 operators are as follow:

China Mobile Shanghai Branch: Customer Service Hotline:10086

China Unicom Shanghai Branch: Customer Service Hotline:10010

China Telecom Shanghai Branch: Customer Service Hotline:10000

Useful Phone Numbers、Internet

Police:110(available in multi languages)


First-Aid Ambulance:120

Weather forecast:12121

The school has been currently covered with a wireless network that provides students with free internet。

Internet access service at the SISU Guesthouse costs a total of 120RMB/month. While students staying at SISU Hotel can use internet free of charge。

Post Service

The nearest post office to the school is the Guangzhong Road Office, it opens from 7:00 to 19:00. The postal office handles parcels, express delivery, postal remittance and all other postal services. If failed to fit all your things in your luggage when packing for returning home, you can choose to send them by post. The cheapest way of shipping is by sea, for it takes a month to ship to East and South Asia and around 2 or 3 months to Europe or America. Of course the quickest the way of shipping is the higher is the cost. The specific price list is available at the service window of the post office